SEA-PAC Seminars 2017


Do you have an idea for a great ham radio-related talk?  We would like to hear from you.  Send an email to with a proposed title, a short paragraph that describes what you propose, and contact info for you.  The below shows our interest, but you may have an idea we did not consider.


Some topics we are interested in (far from a complete list) for 2017 include the following:


-      There is an app for that! Describe some of the many (and growing) apps that support ham radio.  Suggestions available.

-        How to program Raspberry Pi and Arduino computers for ham radio

-        Programming your handheld

-        Emergency kit for emergency deployment (radio and personal support)

-        Community Emergency Response Team: What is it and why should you care enough to get involved?

-        Digital modes on HF and VHF (WSPR, JT65, PSK31, and many others)

-        Operating portable

-        Chasing grid squares on 6 meters, 2 meters, and above

-        Success on 10 meters

-        Chasing DX towards DXCC in a sunspot minimum

-        Why upgrade to general and amateur extra from technician?

-        Fun as a technician

-        Basic electronics for hams

-        Basic toolkit for ham radio (what tools should I have to keep my station operating?)

-        Off-grid power for a base station that keeps on working

-        Intro to contesting and improving your operating skill

-        Getting youth involved in ham radio

-        Drones and ham radio

-        Operating from the beach, picnic table, and other fun places

-        ARES, ACS, RACES and other emergency support groups

-        Antenna basics

-      How to build your own antennas

-        Planning your own mini-DXpedition.  What do you need and what should you leave behind?

-        Get on the air and have fun (aimed at technicians)

-        Get on the HF bands with confidence and have fun

-        Climbing mountains with a radio for fun

-        How to set up and use Winlink and similar digital modes

-        APRS is more than just location tracking

-        Review of various logging methods

-        Awards you can earn

-        Beginning N1MM operating for the contester

-        Advanced N1MM operating for the contester


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