SEA-PAC 2020 Flea Market Information






There will be no Flea Market registrations accepted by Postal Mail. All registrations that include Flea Market tables must be entered on the SEA-PAC web site, registration page. This is due to the last several years of the Flea Market becoming sold out so close to the deadline that there is no longer enough time to mail in the registrations and get them from the Post Office for processing.

SEA-PAC registrations will open online February 15, 2020. Please register early to confirm your reservation.

With the remodeling of the convention center completed, we will once again have both 1-day downstairs and 2-day upstairs tables available this year to rent for selling used ham gear.  Tables will be confirmed through the on-line registration system at

Fleamarket folks from 2018 that submitted a 'yellow' card to reserve for 2019 will have those cards used for 2020.  All Flea folks who submitted yellow Flea Market cards for 2018 or 2019 will get email with a code. This code allows the registration of the reserved tables to be completed on-line when registration opens. These codes expire 23 Feb. Check the email where you received the code

After the reservations have been used or have expired, the web will open for all other table registrants.


To get a code then, email  After April 1, no codes are needed, if there are any tables left.


Some two-day tables will have some changes due to the remodel. If there are changes that have big effects on the reserved tables, those two-day sellers will get specific information emailed or phoned.


Register for your table(s) starting February 15th.

Saturday (one day) tables are $25.00

Saturday and Sunday (two day) tables are $35.00

Loading Times for the Flea Market

Friday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

All loading on Friday MUST be completed by 8:00 PM and all flea market vendors must leave the building.

Any loading not complete at that time will resume on Saturday morning at 7:30 AM.

Notes to Flea Market Table Renters

No Dealer Sales!

Flea Market is a service to those selling or trading used ham gear.

Table renters displaying new equipment may be asked to remove it if a Commercial Exhibitor (Main Floor) objects.

For more information, please contact