2009 Seminar Presentations





Name/Call Sign

Constructing a 4-square 40 meter array at your QTH

Wilse Morgan WX7P

Display, Demonstration and Discussion of Portable Emergency Antennas

Ralph Javins N7KGA

Emergency Management - Oregon

Vincent Van Der Hyde K7VV

High Performance Software Defined Radio - The next generation

Dan Quigley N7HQ

High Performance Transceiver Design

Eric Swartz WA6HHQ

How to connect Ham Radio to the Internet from a remote location

Miguel Mayorga KC7IGT

How to hook the D-Star & DV Dongle to the Internet

Steve Hatch WA7DAD

Ideas for teaching Ham Radio Classes

Delvin Button N7QMT

Introduction to Antenna Modeling

Ed Clulow N7TL

Learn how to Beat Morse Code

Bill Balzarini KL7BB

Making the most of D-Star

Dan Smith KK7DS

Red Cross Emergency Preparedness

Nicole Stacy

Tom Manning

Ride The Terminator @ 66 degrees 33 minutes North Latitude

Bill Balzarini KL7BB

The Why & How of Airmail in the Oregon ARES Digital Network

Bruce Bjerke K7BHB





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