2010 Seminar Presentations





Name/Call Sign

Alternate/Renewable Energy for your Ham Radio station

Ralph Javins, N7KGA

An Introduction to Amateur Radio Astronomy

John Roberts, WJ7P

Depiction Mapping Software

Tim Goddard

Gary Takis, K7GJT

Design & Construction of my Dome Observatory

Jack Barnes, WA7KMR

Ham Education That Works

Delvin Bunton, N7QMT

Ham Law

Phil Kane, K2ASP

Ham Radio Demographics in the U.S.

Delvin Bunton, N7QMT

How to beat the Morse Code

Bill Balzarini, KL7BB

How to couple your antenna to the Sky with Zero Sun Spots

Bill Balzarini, KL7BB

Insurance to protect yourself as a Ham in Public Service

George Thornton, AE7G

Introduction to Antenna Modeling

Ed Clulow, N7TL

Oregon ARES/RACES Purpose, Progress & Plans

Vincent Van Der Hyde, K7VV

Red Cross Emergency Preparedness

Nicole Bateman

Tom Manning

Suitcase DXpeditions

Bud Drummond W3FF

The Ins & Outs of QSL Cards

Vincent Van Der Hyde, K7VV

National Traffic System - Send and Receive

Tony Mayernik, K7AKM





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