2011 Seminar Presentations





Name/Call Sign

A DXpedition to Ascension Island

Tom Meier K7ZZ

A History of Radio & TV

Jack Barnes WA7KMR

A Local DXpedition

Delvin Bunton N7QMT

ATC Emergency Preparedness

Jen O'Neal

Club Fun

Grant Hopper KB7WSB

Frequency Coordination for Repeaters

Daron Wilson N7HQR

Ham Law

Phil Kane K2ASP

IOTA DXpedition to Alaskan & Marshall Island

Yuri Sushkin N3QQ

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Jeremy McDermond NH6Z


John Hays K7VE

Suitcase Dxing II

Budd Drummond W3FF

Chris Drummond W6HFP

The DXing Game: Ideas Blatantly Plagiarized from W9KNI On How to Work DX


The QRZ History & User Forum

Fred Lloyd AA7BQ





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