2012 Seminar Presentations





Name/Call Sign

Buddies of the Caribbean Everett Curry W6ABMT

Digital Message Handling

Bill Balzarini KL7BB

Fat pipes for EmComm and Fun (aka HSMM-Mesh 101)

Scott Scheirman AD7XV

Getting High on Mountains and Ham Radio

Dan Smith KK7DS

Ham Radio Legal Forum

Phil Kane, K2ASP

Home-Brewing Things You Never Thought You Would or Could Do!

Phil Westover WA7URV

How to Beat the Morse Code

Bill Balzarini KL7BB

Measure and Map Repeater Coverage

Delvin Bunton N7QMT

NVIS Antennas for Emergency Comm

Bill Balzarini  KL7BB

Oregon ARES/RACES Progress & Plans

Vincent Van Der Hyde K7VV

Planning and Organizing a Ham Education Event

Delvin Bunton N7QMT

Quick-Deployment Antennas for EmComm or Field Day

Chip Margelli K7JA

Repeaters, What Are They & How Do you Build Use & Maintain One

Mark Walker W7CLU

Sending a Message via Amateur Relay

Kristin Tomson K7KWT

Suitcase Dxing III

Budd Drummond W3FF
Chris Drummond W6HFP

Winlink 2000 & Winmor

Scott Scheirman AD7XV

Working FM Satellites With a Handheld

Daron Wilson N7HQ





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