2013 Seminar Presentations





Name/Call Sign

A "When all else fails" ham radio EmComm station

Javins, Ralph N7KGA

Antennas for EOC and EmComm Use. Where is Ground?

Balzarini, Bill KL7BB

Applying the National Electrical Code to Your Amateur Radio Station

Kuhlman, Tim KD7RUS

Arctic Circle DXing the World

Balzarini, Bill KL7BB


Fenstermaker, Jim K9JF
Pace. Jim K7CEX

ARRL on the International Scene

Bellows, Jay K0QB

Blowing Away The Smoke & Mirrors of Antenna Operation

Lewallen, Roy W7EL

Buddies in the Caribbean 2012

Curry, Everett W6ABM

Building a 1000 foot beverage Antenna

Morgan, Wilse WX7P

Building and Operating a solar-powered remote APRS Weather Station

Jackson, Clay N7QNM

EmComm 1: VHF/UHF radios for Emergency communications

Smith, Dan KK7DS

EmComm 3: Emergency Communications Repeaters

Smith, Dan KK7DS

EmComm 4: Supporting emergencies and the ICS Communications Unit

Honaker, Scott N7SS

EmComm 5: Mapping and Coordinate systems for Emergency Communicators

Broughton, Bob KK7RB

EmComm 6: Being Professional with Amateur Radio Communications

Takis, Gary K7GJT

EmComm 8: Portable Radio Systems

Honaker, Scott N7SS

Getting started with fox-hunting

Hunt, Dale WB6BYU

Going digital with PSK31

Hall, Randy K7AGE

Ham adventures on Washington summits

Prior, Bruce N7RR

Ham Radio Law

Kane, Phil K2ASP

HamWAN: A modern multi-megabit IP-based digital wide area network for amateur radio use

Kus, Bart AE7SJ

How to successfully plan and operate a special event station

Balzarini, Bill KL7BB

I'm MESHing, Now What?

Black, Curt WR5J

Interference Trouble shooting of your HF/VHF/UHF Radio Site using your HT portable Radio

Balzarini, Bill KL7BB

Introduction to SDR

McDerrmond, Jeremy NH6Z

Introduction to Spectrum Analysis

Jones, Greg

New Geometries for High-performance Yagi Beam Antennas

Margelli, Chip K7JA

Portable DX

Drummond, Budd W3FF

Program all your radios with CHIRP

Smith, Dan KK7DS

Put the go in your go kit!

Scheirman, Scott W7SLS


Lloyd, Fred AA7BQ

Radiosport Fun for Beginners

Ritz, Mike W7VO

Gette, Steve W7XQ

The Elecraft Story

Swartz, Eric WA6HHQ

VHF Roving and Mountaintopping

Burlingame, Lynn N7CFO/VA7CFO

What you don't know CAN hurt you (and spoil all the fun): Management and legal issues for clubs

Hopper, Grant KB7WSD

WinLink 2000: send/receive e-mail by radio

Scheirman, Scott W7SLS





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