2016 Seminar Presentations







2016: The Year of the /P Operator

Hamblin, Guy N7UN

Arduino & Raspberry Pi Technology

Hunt, Roger K7MEX

Awards and Paper-chasing

Fenstermaker, Jim K9JF

EYEWARN - Disaster Information Reporting

Gaynor, John NO7DE

FCC Rules and Legal Issues

Kane, Phil K2ASP

Flex-6000 for Contesting and Dxing

Hicks, Steve   N5AC

Fun with Satellites

Haworth, David WA9ONY

Get Active, Get Involved, Get on the Air

Inderbitzen, Bob NQ1R

Get on the Air and Use Your License

Bunton, Delvin N7QMT

Getting Started with Amateur Digital Modes

Fisher, Sholto K7TMG

Ham Friendly DSP

PetrichJohn   W7FU

History of the Ham Radio Callsign

RitzMike   W7VO

How to Get Youth Involved in Amateur Radio

Sohn, Phil   K7APS

Myers, TIm KK7TM

How to Succeed on 10M

Walton, Dave W7CAR

Inside Elecraft

Swartz, Eric WA6HHQ

Inspiring the "coolness" Factor in Ham Radio

Fredrickson, Monica KG7GWD

Keeping Your Sanity and Not Starving in an Emergency

Crosby, Nicole N7XBY

Logbook of the World

Fusaro, Norm W3IZ

Long-life Batteries

Malin, David AA6RV

Magnetic Loop Antennas: How To

Deines, Steve N0TES

National Parks on the Air

Fusaro, Norm W3IZ

Show Me the Money! Scholarship Opportunities for Hams

Crosby, Nicole N7XBY

Station Building

Fusaro, Norm W3IZ

Using N1MM Contest Logging Software Effectively

RitzMike   W7VO

VHF/UHF/Microwave SDR transceiver

PetrichJohn   W7FU

Web Based ARES Management and Reporting in Idaho

Stuckey, Ed AI7H

What is CERT and Why Should I Care?

Malin,  David AA6RV

Why join the ARRL?

Tolliver, Ken  K7ICY & Inderbitzen, Bob NQ1R

Yaesu C4FM System Fusion

Peterson, Marc W7PM





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