2017 Seminar Presentations





Amazing QRP Portable from the National Parks or Anywhere

Radin, Shel KF0UR

An Atypical Ham's Journey in Ham Radio

Norton, Brion KB7UUE

Antennas that Really Work - and Really Last

Margelli, Charles K7JA

Build a Volunteer Exam Team

Wickert, David AE7TD

Build an Antenna

Hunt, Dale WB6BYU

Building College Level Ham Clubs

Gallagher, Tom NY2RF

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT): Why should you get involved?

Elliott, Randall NW7T

Digital Communication Theory

Horkin, Phil AF7GY

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Simmons, Stephen KE7ZMA

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) in Amateur Radio

Estill, Brad N7ER

Digital Mobile Radio:  A beginners Guide to DMR


Disaster Preparedness

Hunt, Roger K7MEX

EYEWARN - Disaster Information Reporting Net

Takis, Gary  K7GJT

FCC Rules and Legal Issues

Kane, Philip K2ASP

Get on the Air and Use Your License

Bunton, Delvin N7QMT

How important is Receiver Performance Criteria in the Software Designed Radio Era?

Trippet, William W7VP

Jenni, David W7CF

Farson, Adam VA7OJ

How to Succeed on 10 Meters

Walton, David W7CAR

MDSR RF-Seismograph:  How to Work and Measure the Solar Eclipse

Schwarz, Alex VE7DXW

New Ham "Getting Started" on VHF/UHF

Bunton, Delvin N7QMT

Portable Operations with Solar Power: Are You Ready?

Breakey, Mark KB7RHI

PSK31 and FLDigi for Digital Fun

Hall, Randy K7AGE

SDR Controlled by a Raspberry Pi

Worstell, Glen KG0T

Summits On The Air: in your hiking boots or in your bathrobe

  SOTA Pictures


Ellis, Andrew N06E

Testing Vacuum Tubes with a Tektronix Curve Tracer

Tillman, Dennis W7PF

There's an App for That!


UHF SDR Transceiver

Petrich, John W7FU

Using N1MM Contest Logging Software Effectively - Beginner

Saucedo, Roddney W7VO

Using N1MM Contest Logging Software Effectively - Advanced

Saucedo, Roddney W7VO

VHF/UHF Mountain Topping for SOTA and Contests

Hamblen, Guy N7UN

What is the Best Antenna?

Stevens, Daniel KL7WM

Why upgrade to General?

Ellison, David W7UUU

Yaesu Fusion and C4FM

Kruk, John N9UPC

YL Forum presentationYL Forum Script.

Yasson, Barbara AC7UH

Youth and Radio

Sohn, Anton K7APS





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