2018 Seminar Presentations





ARRL Field Organization in Action

Ewald, Steve WV1X

Balloon launching with ham radio

Verhage, Paul KD4STH

Bringing your Kenwood TS-930 and TS-940 back to life

Hilliard, Jeff AK6OK

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Flindt, Loren KB7APU

DX Myths and Excuses

Widin, Greg K0GW

Eyeballing the DX: Meeting the DX Face-to-Face

Gruber, Frank KB7NJV


Gaynor, John NO7DE

FCC Regulatory Discussion

Kane, Phil K2ASP

FT8 Digital Mode, DX Fun with Modest Equipment

Haworth, David WA9ONY

Going on your first DXpedition

Rovner, Al K7AR

Growing Your Club to Club of the Year

Kuhlman, Tim KD7RUS

Ham Radio Deluxe Features & Futures

Carper, Michael WA9PIE

How to Work DX-From the First 100 to the Honor Roll

Van Der Hyde, Vince K7VV

Intro to Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Brightman, Steve (SDRPlay)

Kosovo: The Process Leading to a New DXCC Entity

Fenstermaker, Jim (K9JF)

Magnetic Loop Antennas Worksheet

Hamilton, Paul KE7UAE

MARS-Defense Against the Ghost in the Box

Willson, Mark AE7UM

Noise on the bands and how to tame it

Ritz, Mike W7VO

Cole, David NK7Z

Painless Path to Mastering Ham Radio Math

Burnette, Michael AF7KB

Portable Email/Messaging with Winlink

Green, Scott K7JSG

Portable Operations With Solar Power

Breakey, Mark KB7RHI

Programming Your New Radio

Carnahan, Craig N7LB

Solar Eclipse Wrap up

Schwarz, Alexander VE7DXW

The APRS of Things

Hoyer, Bryan K7UDR

Understanding RF Propagation

Kuhlman, Tim KD7RUS

Using a Windows PC/laptop/tablet as a low-cost DMR/DSTAR Transceiver

Shaw, J G WA6PX

Washington State Guard--Have Radio Will Travel

Willson, Mark AE7UM

Winlink Hybrid Radio Email Network on HF SHARES

Pietras, Terry W7JOC

WWARA - Repeater Coordination in Western Washington

Richards, Kenny KU7M

Yaesu new products

Kruk, John N9UPC





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