SEA-PAC 2021 Special Events



"Radios at the Beach"

Friday, 4 June


The beach west of the Shilo


For those of you in Seaside Friday evening, we invite you down to the beach west of the Shilo Inn.  Some hams will have portable stations set up.  If you have a portable station, bring it along and test the salt water amplifier effect.  Meet other hams and families, and enjoy the sunset.  We will save some sand for you.



"Wouff Hong Ceremony"

Saturday, 5 June


Convention Center


Come join the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong during your 2021 SEA-PAC visit! 

Note: You must be a licensed amateur radio operator and a member of the American Radio Relay League.  Not a member?   Click HERE for information on how to join, or visit the ARRL booth during daytime hours in the Convention Center Lobby.        

The Wouff Hong was discovered by "T.O.M.", later identified as Hiram Percy Maxim (aka The Old Man).   Hiram co-founded the American Radio Relay League  and served as the first President.  According to legend, "T.O.M." heard the Wouff Hong used on an operator who exhibited advanced "liddish" operating behavior (translated: really poor operating methods and practices).  Intrigued, T.O.M. investigated further and discovered a live specimen of the  Wouff Hong.  He presented same at an ARRL board meeting.  Board members  voted to frame the Wouff Hong and display it at League Headquarters so it  was available for use on short notice.  Poor operators blanch at the thought of seeing a Wouff Hong, and usually improve their operating behavior into acceptable ranges.   

We invite you to attend this rare ceremony in our area during your SEA-PAC visit.  There is no charge, but we ask that you identify your desire to  attend when you register, or notify people at the registration desk of your  intent so we have enough seats for those who desire to attend