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2020 SEA-PAC not held due to COVID-19 Pandemic



Breakey, Mark KB7RHI

Bunton, Delvin NS7U

Trumbull, Karen KE7NYH

Power and Communication When Everything Goes Dark

      Video Presentations:


Part 1 An overview (00:11:26)

Part 2 – Batteries (01:17:07)

Part 3 – Solar Power (00:32:42)       

Part 4 – Charge Controllers (01:41:57)       

Part 5 – Antennas (00:27:49)          


      Slide Presentations:


Workshop Introduction



Solar Panels

Charge Controllers

Portable Antennas



Peer-to-Peer Communication








Roy Lewallen, W7EL

Antenna Modeling

Aberle, Steve WA7PTM

Takis, Gary K7GJT

Trumbull, Karen KE7NYH

Aberle, Sue WB7OSC

Stevens, Daniel KL7WM

Bunton, Delvin NS7U



Emergency Communication and Preparedness

Emergency communications and preparedness workshop welcome

Where will you be when the disaster strikes?

Environmental and psychological aspects for EMCOMM workers in disasters

CPR, first aid and shelter

Water in disasters and catastrophes

Emergency food preparedness

Essentials of your personal/family go kit

Effective emergency communications with a handheld radio

Digital Data Modes

Enhanced Operating

Served Agency

Opportunities for improving your skills and abilities







Aberle, Steve WA7PTM

Basham, Dave AE7RD

Brown, John AD7QQ

Commo, Rick K7LOG

Gunn, Basil N7NIX

Hall, Randy K7AGE

Harteloo, Shaun N7TNP

Hays, John K7VE

Hoyer, Bryan K7UDR

Kingston, Doug KD7DK

Ross, Tony W7EFS

Searls, Corky AF4PM

Vaughn, Max KF7MAX

Wenzig, Tim N5TEI

 A Pi in Your Shack and Go-kit


Overview of Raspberry Pi



Tour of Applications

APRS Direwolf Xastir 

FLDigi Suite


Paclink Unix 

Linux RMS Gateway

K7AGE short video of Workshop

Balzarini, Bill KL7BB

Build a "S-Forty-9er" 3 watt 40-meter CW Transceiver

Black, Curt WR5J

Build a "Pixie" 1 watt 40-Meter CW Transceiver on 7.030 MHz

Luetzelschwab, Carl  K9LA

Propagation during the Solar Minimum





Balzarini, Bill KL7BB

DIY Pixie Workshop

Black, Curt WR5J

Learn CW Course (360Mb Zipped File)





Vince Van Der Hyde, K7VV

Curry, Everett W6ABM

Pietras,Terry W7JOC

Core, John KX7YT

Gruber, Frank KB7NJV

Guthrie, Paul KE7OLU

Wolfe, Frank NM7R

Emcomm Leadership Academy Agenda


Emcomm Leadership Workshop


Emergency Comm Leadership Workshop

Roy Lewallen, W7EL

Ed Hare, W1RFI

Darryl Holman, WW7D

Etienne Scott, K7ATN

 Antenna Modeling and Improving Your Success






Ritz, Mike W7VO

Straw, Dean N6BV

Hadlock, Jim K7WA

Kutzko, Sean  KX9X

Straw, Dean N6BV

Hopper, Grant  KB7WSD

Contesting and Station Improvement


How to get started in Contesting, Maximize your score

Little Gun vs Superstation: Just how much weaker am I?

Terrain Assessment

Washington Salmon Run:  How to Enjoy a State QSO Party 

Operating for Contesting and Fun

VHF Roving and How to Have Fun Doing It

Special Event Operating

Aberle, Steve  WA7PTM

Heaton, Brian KY9K

HSMM Mesh Workshop






 Radio fun without spending a fortune





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