2015 Seminar Presentations

Name/Call Title
Bettman, Barry K6ST Dxpeditions to Alaskan Islands
Black, Curt WR5J Digital Technicians - Of Course You Can Do It!
Breakey, Mark KB7RHI Portable Operation with Solar Power
Bunton, Delvin N7QMT Encouraging Youth in Ham Radio
Burlington, Lynn N7CFO Telegraph Keys from 1845 to Present
Core, John KX7YT EC Academy - SETS
Drummond, Budd W3FF HF Bicycle Mobiling
Ellison, Dave W7UUU Why Upgrade to General?
Fenstermaker, Jim K9JF The ARRL's Centennial Celebration is Over - Now What?
Gaynor, John NO7DE EYEWARN® Disaster Information Gathering Net
Hall, Randy K7AGE PSK31
Hall, Randy K7AGE U-tube: Present Yourself In a Way That Works
Hare, Ed W1RFI ARRL Lab Tour and Tales
Hare, Ed W1RFI Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
Haworth, David WA9ONY FUNcube-1 (AO-73) 2-Meter Satellite Telemetry
Hendricks, John K7JLT Building Cheap Homemade Mesh Antennas
Herman, Tom N1BEC Solar Power For Your Station
Holman, Darryl WW7D Getting the Most Out of Mobile HF Contesting
Honaker, Scott N7SS D-Star
Hunt, Dale WB6BYU Transmitter Hunting: Fun for the Whole Family
Jackson, Clay N7QNM Implementing an APRS Digipeater on a Raspberry Pi
Jackson, Clay N7QNM Implementing IRLP and Echolink Using a Raspberry Pi
Kramer, Harold WJ1B Inside HQ
Kuhlman, Tim KD7RUS RF Propagation
Marsh, Jerry AA7UF A Casual "DXpedition"
McKeen, Steve W7QLO Activities For a Technician. What Can You Do?
Nelson, Erle K7DKK Repeaters, Nodes etc. What Are They and How to Use Them to Maximize Your Contacts
Pearson, Donna KE7MAW Public Events, ARES, Working With Your Local Emergency Management Agency
Peterson, Marc W7PM Practical Uses of the Yaesu System Fusion C4FM Mode
Petrick, John W7FU Digital Signal Processing for Hams
Pietras, Terry W7JOC Emergency Communications Leadership Workshop
Ryan, Larry W7DGP Operating Portable From Many Places
Scheirman, Scott W7SLS Cascadia Rising Exercise 2016
Shelby, Mike W7RIS Antenna Analyzer
Shelby, Mike W7RIS Little Pistol University
Shepard, Phillip NS7P Radio from the Summit (SOTA)
Smith, RIck KT7G Computer Logging with DXKeeper and Others
Sohn, Phil K2APS FCC Rules
Sohn, Phil K7APS How to Get Youth Involved in Amateur Radio
Walton, David W7CAR How to Succeed on 10M
Willson, Mark AE7UM MARS, Civil Air Patrol, CG Aux, State Defense Forces, Disasters, and You
Yasson, Barbara AC7UH Historic YLs and the Young Ladies Radio League


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