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20 Years After PSK-31

Hall, Randy (K7AGE)

7th Area QSL Bureau

Evans, Rocky (NE7D)

Affordable Software Defined Radio Receiving with an RTL-SDR

Bucsek, John (KE7WNB)

Amateur Radio Repeater Technician 101

Peterson, Marc (W7PM)

ARRL Member Forum a

Ritz, Mike (W7VO)

ARRL Member Forum b

Ritz, Mike (W7VO)

Before Help Arrives

Wilmerding, Jim (W1EMT)

Can RF-Receivers detect Earthquakes?

Schwarz, Alex (VE7DXW)

Characterizing Base Station Performance Using Advanced Measurements and Drones

Kometz, Steve (N7KP)

DMR Basics and PNW DMR Update

Estill, Brad (N7ER)

DMR Hotspot Setup, Techniques, and Equipment

Feldman, David (W7NCX)

DRAWS - Digital Radio Amateur Work Station

Hoyer, Bryan (K7UDR)

Easy antennas for VHF and UHF

Dezellem, Tim (KI7FBQ)

Effectively Welcome the New Ham

Burnette, Michael (AF7KB)

EYEWARN - Visual Reporting for our Emergency Coordinators

Kuhlman, Tim (KD7RUS)

FlexRadio: Benefits to Rag-chewers, DXers, and Contesters

Hicks, Steve (N5AC)

Future of Ham Radio - The Changing Landscape

Roderick, Rick (K5UR)

Get on the air, VHF/UHF and HF

Bunton, Delvin (NS7U)

Getting Started with FT-8 Digital Mode

Smith, Rick (KT7G)

Getting started with HF operating

Burnette, Michael (AF7KB)

Go Kits for VHF/UHF and HF

Honaker, Scott (N7SS)

Go Take a Hike! Simple and Successful Portable QRP Operating

Radin, Shel (KF0UR)

Ham Legal Forum

Kane, Phil (K2ASP)

Ham Radio for the Non-ham

Curry, Everett "Ev" (W6ABM)

Ham Radio Travels

Hall, Randy (K7AGE)


Burrows, Scott (N7DOD)

How I Shrunk the Amp

Swartz, Eric (WA6HHQ)

How to Build a Repeater

Hilliard, Jeff (AK6OK)

Intro to Ham Radio, and How to Earn a License

Bunton, Delvin (NS7U)

Intro to Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Brightman, Steve (KI5ENW)

Introduction to Digital Amateur Television (D-ATV)

Arneson, Chris (KU7PDX)

Low Band Receiving Antennas In Depth

Strahan, Lee (K7TJR)

Network Radios

Simmons, Steve (KE7ZMA)

Operating Portable and Having Fun!

Drummond, Budd (W3FF)

Parks on the Air - Portable Operation Fun

Green, Scott (K7JSG)

Planning a suitcase DX-pedition

Curry, Everett "Ev" (W6ABM)

Providing Emcomm Services Directly to the Public

Woll, Marty (N6VI)

Raspberry Pi Radio Projects

Haworth, David (WA9ONY)

Recruiting New Hams

Inderbitzen, Bob (NQ1R)

Repeater Coordination in Western Washington

Richards, Kenny (KU7M)

RF Cable Principles

Abramson, Benjamin (KG5MNH)

Stop the Bleed!

Wilmerding, Jim (W1EMT)

The CW Way of Life - Why Morse matters in an FT8 world

Rutkowski, Chris (NW6V)

The Storied History of the Ham Radio Callsign

Ritz, Mike (W7VO)

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse IOTA Expedition Plans

Sushkin, Yuri (N3QQ)

Using what I know from Ham Radio to start a Career

Hilliard, Jeff (AK6OK)

Welcome to the National Traffic System (NTS)

Fox, Kevin (KU0L)

Why Upgrade to General or Extra?

Ellison, Dave (W7UUU)

YL Forum- Prepare for Public Service

Yasson, Barbara (AC7UH)


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