2014 Seminar Presentations

Name/Call Sign Title
Aberle, Steve WA7PTM HSMM-Mesh 202: Adding Services
Anderson, Martin KC7ILK The 'Hood to Coast' radio system
Balzarini, Bill KL7BB How To Beat The Morse Code (CW) 5, 7, 10, 13, 15, 17 & 20+ WPM
Barnes, Jack WA7KMR Evolution of Electronic Systems for Television Broadcast
Curry, Ev W6ABM & Stuckey, Ed AI7H Intro to Ham Radio and a World of Fun!
Drummond, Budd W3FF Antennas for 10- and 6-Meter Fun
Evans, Rocky NE7D Club Log: A Must-have Tool for Every Dxer
Frey, Dick K4XU Behind the Scenes of the 7QP Event
Hall, Randy K7AGE Fun with Slow Scan Television (SSTV)
Hall, Randy K7AGE PSK31: Another Way to Have Fun
Harvey, Scott KA7FVV Working Your First Amateur Satellite with Equipment You Already Have
Hays, John K7VE Multi-protocol, Multi-Application UHF Digital Radio
Heaton, Brian KY9K HSMM-Mesh 303: Networks and Routing
Holweg, Jeff AB7DN & Holweg, Roxanne AB7HO WinLink for VHF/UHF
Honaker, Scott N7SS Oso, WA Landslide Support - A Personal Perspective
Hopper, Grant KB7WSD Portable Power Systems For Ham Fun On The Run
Inderbitzen, Bob NQ1R ARRL at 100 - A Century of Ham Radio
Inderbitzen, Bob NQ1R A Tour of ARRL HQ, W1AW
Jurrens, Greg K5GJ Leveraging Advanced Software Defined Radio for Better DX
Kane, Phil K2ASP Ham Radio Legal Issues
Kerr, Alan N7YAF Simple Slow Scan TV
Kus, Bart AE7SJ HamWAN in Western Washington
Kutzko, Sean KX9X Publicize Ham Radio: Introducing a World of Fun
Laseke, Grover KG7O Ham Radio in a Small Town
Paulson, Dave NA7DP Homemade Antennas for the Technician
Peterson, Marc W7PM Using Yaesu's C4FM Digital Mode
Petrich, John W7FU Ham-friendly Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Ruhl, Rick W4PC & Boyer, Jason N6EY Ham Radio Deluxe: The Perfect Tool For Your Ham Radio Adventure
Scheirman, Scott W7SLS HSMM-Mesh 101: An Introduction
Severns, Rudy N6LF New 630-Meter (475kHz) Band
Smith, Dan KK7DS Program your Ham Radio with CHIRP
Smith, Rick KT7G Operating as the DX
Sohn, Phil K7APS & Jarvi, Eric AD7F Amateur Radio and Scouting
Straw, Dean N6BV How to Blow Up Your Balun
Straw, Dean N6BV Little Gun vs Superstation
Straw, Dean N6BV Terrain Assessment
Tolliver, Ken K7ICY Send Your Smart Phone to Ham College
Van Der Hyde, Vince K7VV DX'ing for the New Ham: The First 100 Countries to the Honor Roll
Van Der Hyde, Vince K7VV Getting Involved with Emergency Communications
Van Der Hyde, Vince K7VV Oregon ARES and the Oregon ARES Digital Network
Walton, David W7CAR Getting Started for Fun on 10m and 6m
Willis, Marc NC7M 7th Area QSL Bureau
Wilson, Daron N7HQR ORRC Repeater Workshop
Yasson, Barbara AC7UH YL History: Past, Present, and Future


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